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Relate noun

Each noun can be one of three genders, masculine, feminine, or neuter (though some words can be more than one gender, this is rare). This is important because depending on the gender, the noun may use endings different than normal. This is especially evident in the neuter gender as it is quite different from the other two. Examples:.

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8 There are many important issues facing the world today. Nouns and prepositions. Exercise 1. Consider the table of groups of related nouns sharing prepositions and fill in the missing prepositions.

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Nouns - countable and uncountable. We can use countable nouns for things we can count. They can be singular or plural. I've got a book, but she's got two books. We can use uncountable nouns for things we can't count. There's some bread and cheese on the table. How to use them. Use a or an before singular nouns.

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Students is a plural noun. NOTE: Mastering (A) is a gerund, i.e. a verb form functioning as a noun. But since (D) is already a noun, it is the better choice. Important (B) is an adjective modifying the noun goal. Younger (C) is an adjective modifying the noun students. 9. D. Neutrality is a noun. Seize (A) is a verb.

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9. soldiers: common noun, bravery: abstract noun. 10. wisdom: abstract noun, riches: abstract noun. 11. John: proper noun, neighbor: common noun. 12.

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